Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in a garage/yard sale and an Estate sale?

Garage and yard sales are usually small vendor events that are held outside the home in the driveway or garage, and are usually only advertised by placing signs around the neighborhood to bring in drive-by business.  Estate sales are often conducted after the loss of a loved one, or if a person is moving or transitioning into an assisted living home, and there is a need to heavily downsize personal belongings.  The estate sale is held inside the home and absolutely everything is for sale.  The items are marked or tagged (tag sale) with set prices.  Estate sales are advertised on websites, social media apps and signage to bring an influx of customers. Estate sales usually have followings (just like what one would see in the show ‘Storage Wars’) who frequently attend as many sales as possible to purchase items for resale.

Why have an estate sale?

Typically, estate sales are conducted after the death of the homeowner, and usually that person’s heirs live out of state and cannot commute back and forth from their home to supervise the liquidation of the decedent’s personal property.  By hiring an estate sales company, a lot of the stress and emotion involved in liquidating a loved one’s personal property is assumed by the estate sales company. The arrangements and contracts can be done electronically so that the heir doesn’t have to travel and lose time at his/her job thereby keeping his/her financial involvement to a minimum.

How do you know if an Estate Sales company is reputable?

Any reputable and legal estate sales company in Nevada, will have a state business license, including any mandatory business licenses for any county or city that they are conducting the sale in.  The company should have a commercial liability and workman’s compensation insurance policy to cover any injuries that may occur at the sale. Along with collecting and paying state sales tax, they will usually have a tax security bond as well. Estate Sales R Us is fully equipped with all of the above, and we can easily provide all said documentation, this way you can rest assured that you will be completely taken care of.

How does an estate sale work?

With Estate Sales R Us, we first meet with you to discuss and workout all the details of your sale. Once a contract is set in place and we receive the applicable deposit, our team begins the first phase of staging your property for the sale – this can range between 2-5 days, depending on the size of the property and how many items are for sale. The items to be sold will be priced and tagged at fair market value so that maximal profit is achieved, and displayed throughout the home in an attractive and organized manner. The second phase consists of our team establishing a marketing plan to ensure we maximize our various outlets to advertise the days of the sale, typically held over 2-3 days. At the end of the sale, our clients have the option to either have any unsold items liquidated by a resale vendor, or have them donated to charity.

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